Yoast SEO Sitemap Error & Fix

So in my last post: SEO 101  I created an issue with the sitemap.xml I previously created using the Google Sitemap XML Plugin. Even though Yoast SEO detected a potential issue, it was not properly dealt with, so we need to clean that up. No worries though the solution is simple. The steps below walk through fixing the Yoast SEO Sitemap Error I caused.

Check out the error Google Search Console gave me:

Google Error Processing sitemap.xml
Google error processing sitemap.xml


Steps to fix sitemap and create a new one:

  1. Logged in & on Dashboard, go to  SEO > XML Sitemaps
  2. Uncheck the setup a sitemap check box
  3. Hit Save Changes
  4. Check the setup sitmap check box
  5. Hit Save Changes AND done!!
  6. Double check the results by hitting the sitemap button

The Yoast SEO Sitemap Error was that easy to resolve. If you never turned off the Google Sitemap XML Plugin, you might need to do that and repeat the process. Check out the image below for reference.

Yoast SEO Sitemap Settings
Yoast SEO Sitemap Settings

Couple of Notes:

  • Prior to resolution, if you went to the Sitemap button on the Yoast SEO Plugin page you would get a 404 – File not found error
  • Even though Yoast SEO correctly detected the competing plugin and appeared to have deleted the old sitemap, it did not create a replacement
  • I used an FTP client to ensure that the previous sitemap.xml was no around

Now update Google:

Go to Google Search Console and add your new Sitemap. Yoast SEO should have name the Sitemap sitemap_index.xml . You can delete the old sitemap. To get more information about uploading a sitemap to Google Search SEO see: Upload Sitemap to Google

I saw a couple of threads online about the issue, but no quick definitive answer so did a little trial and error. Hopefully this post will help resolve the problem for some other people out there.

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