Troubleshooting SEO Issues

Troubleshooting SEO issues to start getting Google to give you search analytics is a little difficult. There is a lot of information out there butmost of it is focused on moving you up the search index. When you are just starting, you want to focus on getting your site on Google and getting Google to index you. For the most part – if you keep creating content and get any kind of link back – Google will find you, but I want to make sure we get a site up and know that Google knows about your/our site.

To start troubleshooting SEO issues for this post I completed the following actions over the past week or so:

  • Fix redirect issue – Using the Crawl > Fetch As Google tool I get notified of a 301 Redirect
  • Move from to and verify with google.

Fixing 301 Redirect Issue:

In some ways this ended up being a bit non-issue, but let me give you some background and help you help Google help you.

The issue ends up being on the web address where you say your website is actually at. From the aspect of your website (I will gloss over some of the details for brevity) and are processed as potentially differently pages but most people want them to link to the same thing and it does not make sense to have a duplicate of a page. In general, most people want visitors to get to the same content using both addresses, so a website will catch the request for the page that does not actually exist and redirects it to the real page. Generally which page is the “real page” is configurable, but there maybe conflicting settings at the web hosting side and WordPress side. I will ignore the hosting settings, as I resolved the issue without having to mess with those settings. In my case, I did not add the real site to Google Webmasters/Search Console. Let me show you have to resolve the issue.

The resolve the issue – start by figuring out what your site address is:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site
  2. Go to Settings > General
  3. Note the WordPress Address and the Site Address – you want the site address. See below.
Troubleshooting SEO Issues by updating WordPress Site Address
Updating WordPress Site Address

Now that you have the site address you will need to make some updates on Google Search Console:

More information on steps 1-3 can be found at: Additional Details

  1. Add the new address/domain to Google
  2. Upload a sitemap – yes it is the same as before but it will nudge Google to take action
  3. Verify your domain/address.
  4. Use the Google Fetch As tool to confirm the issue has been resolved.

Moving WordPress to the Root Domain:

The goal of this step is to start getting Google to give you Crawl stats – which it will only do for root domains. I found that more information came crawl details prior to showing up a Structured Data and getting search indexes and clicks.

I found a such a good writeup, I will defer to it:

The core steps as covered in detail at the link are:

  1. Backing up your WordPress site
  2. Set my Site Address to as seen in the picture above
  3. Move to the root domain directory
  4. Make a small change the index.php
  5. Check Perma Links and save changes

Once you have completed all of the steps at the link, you will have to repeat the steps above used add another domain to Google Search Console. The only difference is you will have to copy or upload a new copy of the Google Verification file to the root domain. It is easy and will be the same for all addresses/domains you registered with Search Console.

First Google Clicks:

The first information I was able to get was under the Crawl Section > Keywords. After a couple of days, I even had a couple of clicks.

Troubleshooting SEO issues to First SEO Clicks
First SEO Clicks



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