FOLLOW-UP: Site indexed by Google

There is some work yet to be done, but you can now at least find this website on Google. Right now indexing has not offered any help on the search front for click generation, but we will work on that. One step at a time. I will continue to post my progress and hopefully show how important each step is in creating and driving traffic. For comparison – right now I can see on that Google has generated 0 clicks via site results. In future posts I will cover checking to track traffic, preventing spam/back link traffic, and help with creating structured data for indexing/search engines (or as some say the dreaded “SEO” acronym).

The clip below shows how you can find the site using the Google search tag site: to find this website. I included

Website Indexed
Google Site Tag Search Results

Now that you can use the site: option in a Google search you can also see that by including the website title and author, you can find the site on Google now.

Google Search For Website
Word Search Result by Author

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