Updating Dreamhost PHP and getting Homebrew

I got here trying to install homebrew to play with node/npm per:


Paying attention to the output and getting Xcode to properly install reminded me how much a pain and how bloated Xcode is again. After unneeded obfuscation, I got the error below but was able to recover and move on.


Xcode finally installed but Mac could not let me be. Time to update the Mac OS. I used the time to figure out how to upgrade PHP and determine how htaccess/http redirect works on my “Dream” host. Dreamhost makes managing your site both easy and obfuscated. Want to setup SSL? Go to Manage Domains and click the SSL link and follow the on-page instructions. Want to update PHP? go to Manage Domains. Oh and then head to edit and select a new version PHP. For both, they will graciously update in some time at their convenience between now, 5 minutes, and a day. Go get some coffee.

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