Back on the Saddle

3 years of paid and unused service, but lets try this again

Started looking at serverless tonight to play around with something. Want a simple way to log and show production checkout test for systems I work on. Got to looking at, then looking at getting npm updated and running on my MBP. That got me installing homebrew and xcode (reminding me again how bloated and update driven xcode is). Just logging in, I had to remember how to use WordPress.

Then came the whys: Why is this site slow, why doesn’t it have https enabled, why am I paying so much each month? Why is PHP outdated and how do I get to a console to update it? Oh yeah – why did google tell me my site had issues again? Oh, it looks like crap too. Why did I setup up OpenShift last week on my Workstation (12 Core/48 GiB RAM) to play with containers when the web is moving on to serverless?

So here we are. A new post, homebrew installed, but NPM is not yet updated.

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